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Going mobile?

If you’re considering mobile as a delivery channel, it’s likely someone has suggested “let’s do that with an app”. But understanding the problem, the audience and the data that drives “the app”, can sometimes fall by the wayside (not forgetting the budget of course!).

We have an in-house mobile development team that work across a broad spectrum of technologies to suggest the right solution to your problem.

This could be a Native mobile app, a Hybrid mobile app, a Web app or even a Progressive web app.
And it’s not just apps!

From platforms to software development kits, our team of qualified and enthusiastic Developers are always looking at new technologies on the horizon.

We help businesses grow, launch products, and build enduring relationships with their communities.

Our Procuts

In 2020, the most effective and best loyalty programs will integrate gamification and focus on engaging customers instead of just getting transactions from them. A one-time transaction is valuable, but multiple transactions are even more valuable. Loyalty and engagement can encourage customers to repeatedly choose one company and its products over the competition.

Our two platforms Qootiya and Goody allow businesses and brands to integrate gamification into their marketing and loyalty programs.

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